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Gain the insight to make more informed commercial and residential investment and development decisions.


10 weeks in-class, 6 months in-field training, 4 months project support & mentorship


7–10 hours per week


Weekly modules & quizzes, training with industry experts


You are passionate about the real estate development industry, and you want to create a legacy for you and your family.

You want a holistic understanding of the residential and commercial real estate landscape, including both investment and development opportunities.

You want to understand the full development process and learn how to make informed real estate development decisions.

You need to gain the specific financial tools and techniques required to assess the feasibility of a residential or commercial real estate investment.

Course Curriculum

Over the duration of this online course, you’ll work your way through the following training topics:

WEEK 1: Mindset and Evaluating Properties

In the first week, we'll cover a range of topics including a powerful mindset for success, an overview of wholesaling and the importance of identifying counties and cities for future expansion, annexation and minimum sizes, using maps and topography as alternatives, creative solutions for utilities and capital improvement plans, zoning, environmental constraints, and transportation plans, as well as how to rezone properties.

WEEK 2: In-Person Training Session and Reading Week
WEEK 3: The Real Estate System and the Developer

This week will cover the importance of knowledge in real estate development, who the key players are, how to conduct a feasibility study, land use approval, and investment and exit strategies. We'll also discuss the differences between escrow and attorney states.

WEEK 4: Interpreting Code and Understanding the Approval Process

In week four, we'll cover topics such as magic math for real estate development, a deeper dive into zoning and code, understanding planned unit development (PUD) and preliminary layout approval (PLA), identifying properties with no site address and ownership, choosing target markets, and partnering with us on deals.

WEEK 5: Property Evaluation Processes and Navigating Relationships

This week, we'll cover the crucial aspects of speaking to property owners, establishing property value, reimbursement districts, and extensions of preliminary plat approval.

WEEK 6: Deal Structure and Considerations

Week six will cover ninja wholesaling, phased closings, owner carry financing, alternative assignment clauses, unorthodox deals, land banking deals, a closer look at easements, and market shifts in real estate development.

WEEK 7: Financial Modelling and Feasibility

In this week of the course, we'll cover existing home development, site construction, fee in lieu, system development charge (SDC) credits, a deeper dive into acquisition and development (A&D) loans, calculators for real estate development, the feasibility checklist, and the proforma.

WEEK 8: Creative Financing for Real Estate Development Projects

In this week, we'll explore the world of creative finance within real estate development across the US and Canada. Decoding innovative strategies designed to reshape the way you approach financing your development. From unconventional partnerships and owner involvement to leveraging private funds and government incentives, we'll delve into modules covering Seller Financing, Lease Options, Subject-To Financing, Wraparound Mortgages, Equity Sharing, Joint Ventures, Hard Money Lenders, Crowdfunding, and much more. Each module is dedicated to a unique financial approach that can significantly impact the success of your real estate endeavors.

WEEK 9: Future-Proof Real Estate Development

In this week, we’ll examine the future of real estate development. We explore the intersection of sustainability and innovation, where technology shapes the landscape. Learn how sustainable practices, urban innovation, tech integration, robotics automation, AI, and Blockchain have become the catalyst for the evolution of real estate development. From green building practices to legal adaptations, we guide you through a transformative journey of the future-ready real estate.

WEEK 10: Exam Preparation

You'll Walk Away With:

Insight into the development process including the multiple stages of residential and commercial property development and the various stakeholders and key players involved.
The ability to conduct a preliminary feasibility analysis to identify and analyze the commercial viability of real estate investments and developments.

An understanding of the property investment and return calculations used to analyze profitability and the instruments commonly used to finance real estate assets.

The confidence to diversify your investment portfolio with property assets through in-depth knowledge of the real estate development eco system as a whole.
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Dave Elie, B.B.A, PMP

Real Estate Broker & Developer

“I am motivated by the impact real estate and real estate developing can have on impacting a community and create a legacy the transcends generations.”

Jeremiah Elie, EQ-i 2.0, BETC, LAC

Real Estate Developer & Investor

“I’m truly passionate about real estate and development because it’s the art of shaping communities and creating spaces that inspire growth and progress.”

James Vernon, B.Sc., B.A.Sc.

Real Estate Agent & Developer

“My passion for the real estate and development industry stems from the ability to help build solid communities, a legacy and generational wealth.”

Kathrine Dimech

Program Administrator

“I’m truly passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives. There’s nothing more rewarding than witnessing those I’ve helped, achieve their goals and thrive beyond their expectations.”

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